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Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal and it has a long coastline of Mediterranean beaches. The region features several fishing villages which hang on clifftops. Currently, this is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Portugal, and as such the beaches are lined with beach clubs, resorts, hotels, etc. This is a great place to enjoy beautiful crystal waters, engage in some water sports, and simply while away your days on a Mediterranean holiday. While all the hotels and resorts in the area will have pools, you should seek out the very best of the lot for your holidays. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the hotels and resorts with the best amenities. These are the top 10 pool hotels in Algarve.

# 1

Vilalara Thalassa Resort

Vilalara Thalassa Resort is one of the most private luxury pool resorts located in Vilalara. The resort is set amidst lush well-maintained gardens with bougainvillea plants and lemon trees all around. Furthermore, the rooms in the resort also offer sweeping panoramic views of the sea. The buildings in this resort are designed in a neutral color palette of sandy browns and beige and these go well with the palm trees and gardens all around. However, the best aspect of this resort is its swimming pools. There are five outdoor swimming pools spread out across 12 hectares of land. Some of them are rectangular, some are free-form, and some are circular. However, all of them are surrounded by foliage and daybeds, and they come with pool bars from which you can order refreshments. Vilalara Thalassa Resort is often considered to be a Spa resort because it also features one of Algarve’s best wellness and treatment centers. It’s equipped with detox, anti-aging, therapeutic, and beauty treatments. Some of these wellness programs last a period of 6 days. The Longevity Medical Spa prescribes juice fasts for anti-aging purposes, along with a handful of exercises for which you can join the poolside yoga classes. If you’d like to stay fit and active, the resort also features 4 tennis courts and a well-equipped fitness center. The rooms and suites in the resort are designed in a minimalist and modern style featuring a white and steel-grey aesthetic which makes the rooms feel bright but stands in direct contrast to the colorful gardens outside.

# 2

Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa

Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa is located in the very middle of Algarve and it’s spread out over 50 hectares of land. This luxury pool resort was established in 1992 and it quickly established itself as one of the most luxurious resorts in all of Portugal. The villas in this resort are styled in traditional Portuguese aesthetic, featuring whitewashed buildings with cool minimalist interiors. The resort grounds are surrounded by gardens and feature several lush fountains as well. There are two open-air outdoor pools. One of them is a regular pool surrounded by cabanas and loungers along with a poolside bar wherein you can order any drinks or cocktails you like. However, the other open-air outdoor pool is a vast and sprawling infinity pool and it seems to go over the edge and meet the horizon beyond. In addition to these, Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa has another outdoor pool with a cover on top, which is ideal to be enjoyed if you want to avoid the direct sunlight. The in-house spa also offers a range of treatments. The most noteworthy treatment they offer is in a Hypoxi Studio wherein they can target a chunk of fat on your body. They also provide physiotherapy, reflexology, and osteopathy. However, the spa isn’t only health-related. They also offer beauty treatments such as manicures, pedicures, and full body scrubs. The best rooms in the hotel belong to the Ocean Front Villas which are lavishly decorated and come with their private infinity pools with a sea view.

# 3

Vila Joya

Vila Joya is a luxury pool resort located in Albufeira. It’s set up on the clifftops and looks over at the sea and beaches beyond. The resort feels more like a series of private villas established over lush landscaped gardens overlooking the sea. This is facilitated by the fact that they only have eight luxury villas in the resort, and as such, there’s a deep sense of intimacy here. There are two outdoor swimming pools in the resort, and both of them enjoy sea views. They’re surrounded by cabanas and loungers as well wherein you can bask under the direct sunlight, ordering refreshments from the poolside bar. Another stunning facility in this resort is the spa, which offers a range of Ayurvedic treatments and also features a jacuzzi, and a steam room. The rooms and villas vary in style and size. However, the advanced villas come with their own private pools and private jacuzzis with a sea view.

# 4

Tivoli Marina Vilamoura

Tivoli Marina is a luxury pool hotel located just a minute away from the Vilamoura beach. It enjoys a grand view of both the Vilamoura Marina and the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, this hotel is famous for having not one, but two of the largest swimming pools in all of Algarve. The outdoor pool is circular and enjoys a lot of direct sunlight. It’s surrounded by a large number of poolside sundecks and loungers, along with a poolside bar wherein you can get a number of creative and cool cocktails. The indoor pool is also large but it’s a little simpler. It’s surrounded by a few loungers, however, there’s no pool bar to go with it. Tivoli’s spa offers both beauty and health treatments and it comes with both dry and wet saunas. In addition to that, it features a large number of treatment rooms and even a hot tub.

# 5

Quinta Do Lago Hotel

Quinta Do Lago Hotel is located on one of the most thriving parts of Algarve. The Quinta do Lago beach is quite close to this pool hotel, and there are several golf courses, restaurants, etc, in the vicinity as well. The suites and villas in this resort are all designed in beige and off-white shades, and it’s set off delightfully against the lush green gardens and bougainvilleas. There’s a central free-form swimming pool located in the garden outside. However, all the villas come with their private pools as well. While the hotel doesn’t come with an on-site spa, they do offer spa treatments that can be arranged in your villas. The accommodations range from being styled like townhouses, to grand 4 to 5 bedroom villas.

# 6

Agua Hotels Vale Da Lapa

Agua Hotels Vale Da Lapa is located on Estrada Das Sesmarias, close to the beach. This luxury pool resort has some of the best amenities and facilities in all of Algarve. One of their pools comes with a glass sunroof so that you can enjoy the natural light while avoiding the direct heat. Another central outdoor pool is open-air and it’s surrounded by loungers and a poolside bar. There’s a separate pool for kids as well. Furthermore, the resort grounds are strewn with several manmade ponds, and they have a 9-hole putting green as well. The on-site spa is quite luxurious and they offer a wide range of beauty and health treatments.

# 7

Tivoli Victoria

Tivoli Victoria is a modern luxury pool hotel located in Vilamoura, a short 10-minute drive from Praia da Falesia beach. It’s a contemporary high-end resort and gives off a modernist and minimalist chic vibe. It’s within close proximity of the Oceanico Golf Course as well. There are four large pools in this resort. However, these are all adult-only pools. These include both outdoors and indoors heated pools. The outdoor pools are surrounded by daybeds and cabanas so that you can sunbathe and order drinks from the poolside bar. The only downside to this resort is that it’s quite cut off from the major cities.

# 8

Conrad Algarve

Conrad Algarve is located in Quinta do Lago, between fields of crop on one hand and a shopping mall on the other. It doesn’t boast sweeping sea views, however, that’s not even necessary in light of all that this luxury resort offers. One of the best aspects of this hotel is that they have a large free-form swimming pool surrounded by foliage, cabanas, and day beds. In addition to that, they have one of the most popular spas in all of Algarve. They have a very well-trained team of therapists and they use products by Australian Intraceuticals and Aromatherapy Associate Oils, which are both top-of-the-line. The spa also features an infinity pool, ice fountains and experience showers.

# 9

Pestana Palm Gardens

Pestana Palm Gardens is located in Praia Do Carvoeiro and is a short 11-minute walk from the beach. This luxury pool hotel offers sweeping views of the ocean. They also come with a lot of impressive amenities and facilities. They have an outdoor pool surrounded by gardens and a restaurant from which you can order any meal or drink. They also have a great in-house spa with sauna, steam rooms, several treatment rooms, and a complete menu of beauty and health treatments.

# 10

Pine Cliffs Residence a Luxury Collection Resort

Pine Cliffs Residence is located in Praia da Falesia, a short 7-minute stroll from the beach. However, if you don’t want to trek all the way to the beach, you can simply enjoy one of the hotel’s two swimming pools. They have one large free-form outdoor pool with a kid’s pool close by, and they have another indoor heated lap pool. The outdoor pool has several loungers surrounding it in case you want to indulge in sunbathing. Furthermore, they also have a great wellness center offering a range of treatments and massage therapies.

Algarve Boutique Luxury Hotel Map

The best high end, unique, cool and small luxury hotels displayed on our map below.

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